Arnica: What is it?

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Arnica montana is a plant in the Compositae or Daisy family. It grows in high mountain meadows where it takes in massive amounts of sunlight and radiates a strong fragrance and bright yellow color. Mountain climbers were the first to discover its use in healing when they observed the way it helped repair injuries that resulted from accidental falls. Over the next few centuries, others confirmed Arnica’s ability to heal bruises, sprains, and muscle aches. And today, physicians from over 80 countries around the globe acknowledge its effectiveness in reducing pain and swelling.

Arnica has numerous common names. Many reflect the plant’s ability to heal. “Wound herb”, “fall herb”, and “well-bestow” are some of the most common nicknames. In the mountains of Germany, it is best known as “Stoh up ungoh hen” or stand up and go home.

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Dr. Lauri Grossman, DC CCH RSHOM (NA)


Arnica and Sports? Absolutely.

December 1, 2008 by Edward  
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Doctors Agree it’s a perfect match!


Sports Medicine: Doctors Extol Arnica’s and Homeopathy’s Virtues

On homeopathy in general for sports, A. Dwight Smith, MD, claims it can “Cut healing time by 50-85%.”
In his article “Homeopathy and Sports Medicine,”  he also states: “With a minimum amount of homeopathic instruction, most trainers, coaches, and athletes themselves, can successfully treat and cure many of the most common athletic injuries. Their willingness to do so will have two results: quicker and more comfortable healing for the athlete; and thousands of dollars saved for the athletic club.” (American Homeopathy: vol.1, No. 6, June 1984)

In his book, Homeopathic Treatment of Sports Injuries, Dr. Lyle Morgan states: “Arnica should be considered first in all cases of physical injury.”

He lists Arnica’s benefits throughout the book, including: “Arnica works quickly to repair damaged blood vessels, to reduce swelling at the site of the injury, and to eliminate pain….

In his book, Musculoskeletal Healing, homeopath Asa Hershoff states:
“Arnica is the most renowned trauma remedy, and is without equal as the primary remedy for injury of any kind whatsoever.”…

For past injuries, he states:
“Homeopathy is the first choice when a person has ‘never been well’ since a specific traumatic incidence. Arnica and Hypericum are the main remedies, prescribed in high potency for several doses, for erasing the imprints of trauma within the nervous system and tissues.”

The list could go on and on, but suffice it to say, that those who have worked with Arnica in sports medicine concur that it should be in the gym bag of every athlete, ‘weekend warrior’, coach and trainer.