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November 30, 2008 by Edward  
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Homeopathic Remedies for Sports Injuries

Homeopathy comes through with flying colors in the sports arena. The relief of tired, achy, overused and injured muscles and joints overrides the complexity of how this 200-year-old form of medicine works. It is effective in treating everyone from the noblest weekend warriors to professional athletes. The mechanism of action in homeopathy seems wildly opposite to conventional medicine; however. As a complementary treatment it succeeds in preventing and treating a myriad of sports conditions naturally.

Overexertion, Sprains & Strains

Arnica Montana: is the number one remedy to consider with any type of injury. It helps to reduce swelling, promote healing and ease pain. Take it immediately for the shock which results from injury and when there is bruising and swelling. Arnica may be used to prevent sore muscles from intense training or competition by taking a couple of pellets before the event.

Rhus tox: Used in homeopathic form, Rhus tox is nicknamed the ‘rusty gate’ remedy. It is effective for joints that are stiff from injury or overexertion such as from golf, running or baseball. It is particularly useful when muscles or joints are worse first thing in the morning, with cold, damp weather, but feel better after gentle motion and with warm applications.

Bryonia: earned the name ‘The Grumpy Bear’ remedy because it helps people who do not want to be bothered or move in any way. It has a keynote symptom of pain that worsens with the slightest movement. This remedy, derived from wild hops, relieves pain that is ameliorated by pressure, or by lying on the painful side. When someone is exhibiting these particular symptoms, and this type of pain pattern, Bryonia is very effective in reducing the discomfort.

Calc phos 6x: As a cellular building block, Calc phos aids many conditions involving structural stress and growth. Derived from a mineral containing phosphorous and calcium, primary constituents in bone, it plays an important role in bone repair after fractures (non-union) and during grown periods.

*Tutti Gould, DC ND, Homeopath, is one of Canada’s leading homeopathic trainers and speakers.