Arnica for Childbirth

November 22, 2008 by Edward  
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The What, When, Why of Arnica for Childbirth
Let the professionals fill you in on the great benefits to baby and mom.

The why is rather obvious. The less bruising, bleeding, afterpain and trauma, the sooner you can start having fun with the baby, and the happier the baby will be, too. If a c-section becomes necessary, that’s all the more reason to use Arnica. In technical terms, Arnica is generally recommended to reduce the fatigue, bruising, and trauma of labor; to control bleeding, prevent hemorrhaging, and minimize the strain on soft tissues. After childbirth, it eases afterpains, assists in the contraction of the uterus and relieves retention of urine after long labor. For more details, see the materia medica listings on this website.

Who says so?
• Midwife MJ Hanafin, who has delivered more than 150 babies and taught many many midwives to deliver babies holistically, touts Arnica frequently in her teaching manuals. “No woman or baby should be without the trauma minimizing support of Arnica during childbirth…”

• In her book, Homeopathy for Pregnancy through Baby’s First Year, homeopathic doctor Miranda Castro suggests Arnica for labor as it “helps the muscles to do their work and minimizes physical stress and strain on soft tissues.”

• Otherwise, you can ask any homeopathic practitioner or any mom that has reaped its benefits, like this one who wrote to 1-800-Homeopathy:

“In June I gave birth to my son. During labor I took Arnica 30X every three hours or so. After I had him I had so much energy. The bleeding was minimal, and I began to clean our newly purchased home the next day. I have never had such a quick recovery time as I did with him – my third child. I felt great!!! - Maria G. ”

When to take Arnica?

Anytime you feel a ‘bruised soreness’ during pregnancy or anytime you fall or injure yourself, it is fine to take Arnica, but during and after labor, you can really find the benefits. Here are some professional insights:

• Rosemary Tayler. In her book, Homeopathy for Pregnancy & Childbirth, Rosemary Tayler suggests the mother take a dose of Arnica 200C when the water breaks, “for fatigue during the last stages of labor and for the prevention of bruising during birth. It also minimizes cervical swelling…. lessens the possibility of hemorrhage. The remedy may be repeated in liquid doses if bleeding is excessive.” For caesarians she suggests Arnica 200C, “it will minimize shock, trauma, pain, bruising, infection and hemorrhage.”

Then again after childbirth to, “help the uterus contract smoothly and quickly, to prevent infection, to minimize pain after birth and to improve muscle control.”

For the newborn, she recommends: “arnica is well indicated for a newborn who has been bruised during a normal birth or a forceps delivery. … One crushed sugar pill of Arnica 30C on the baby’s tongue will restore calmeness and reduce pain, bruising, stress and trauma.”

• Miranda Castro…

• Richard Moskowitz…