Arnica: What is it?

March 19, 2009 by Melissa  
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Arnica montana is a plant in the Compositae or Daisy family. It grows in high mountain meadows where it takes in massive amounts of sunlight and radiates a strong fragrance and bright yellow color. Mountain climbers were the first to discover its use in healing when they observed the way it helped repair injuries that resulted from accidental falls. Over the next few centuries, others confirmed Arnica’s ability to heal bruises, sprains, and muscle aches. And today, physicians from over 80 countries around the globe acknowledge its effectiveness in reducing pain and swelling.

Arnica has numerous common names. Many reflect the plant’s ability to heal. “Wound herb”, “fall herb”, and “well-bestow” are some of the most common nicknames. In the mountains of Germany, it is best known as “Stoh up ungoh hen” or stand up and go home.

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Dr. Lauri Grossman, DC CCH RSHOM (NA)


Arnica! About this Site.

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arn-com-celebrate-bgbx.jpg is intended to be a resource for anyone- whether you are active, clumsy, prone to bruising, or want a safe, natural remedy without fear of side effects - arnica is a great option.

Homeopathic Arnica Montana is an amazing and renown remedy for all sorts of injuries and trauma. A premier first aid remedy to have around the house, arnica is safe for people of all ages to use. Please explore, post and share!